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Tempo T75-2WAL - Leather WAL Mittens Aluminized Liner

From $66.00
WAL Mitten, Wool Lined Aluminized Total Liner
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Tempo T75-2WAL - Leather WAL Mittens Aluminized Liner

Double wool lined and total aluminized liner. Specially Formulated High Heat Leather, Mitten, Reversible. Can be used in conjunction with S65, SP65, SV65, SG100, or SS200 Cover Shields. Also available in 14” and 23” lengths.

This item is available in the following models

Model Code Retail
Leather WAL Mittens (R) 14" T75-2WAL-14 $66.00
Leather WAL Mittens (R) 18" T75-2WAL-18 $75.00
Leather WAL Mittens (R) 23" T75-2WAL-23 $85.00

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